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Fundraising Cookbooks are a great way to raise money to help accomplish the goals of your organization!

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... be it school, church group or other civic organization. A well-organized, attractive and easy-to-read cookbook is a great source of pride for years to come. It also can earn thousands of dollars to support the efforts of your organization.

Fundraising cookbooks have been around for many years and there are many fine cookbook printers that want to print your cookbook for you. But you deserve more than just a printer.

The Family Cookbook Project's CookbookFundraiser.com can help you. We use the power of the Internet to help create the cookbook with you and your group. Our website is designed specifically to make it easy to collect, organize and design your fundraising cookbook and motivate your contributors -- something not available from any cookbook printer.

See why you should work with us and what to expect, and then get started today.

Also check out FamilyCookbookProject.com to learn how you can create a personalized cookbook for your family.

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"We are so thrilled with the outcome of our cookbook project. Originally I had thought that we would do the printing of our school cookbook in a traditional way, as I have more than two dozen years in publication production. Another PTA mom suggested finding an online vendor, and after searching the possibilities, I found your site to be the most user friendly and cost-effective solution.

"What we liked most was the ease in allowing folks to enter their recipes directly online. From there, we could go in and edit the entered data to be consistent. And at the time of completion, I could go in and manipulate the recipes to fit the pages, making the most of space and economics! You give so many options.

"The printed project turned out beautifully! Our custom photographs, including the cover, turned out awesome - a real selling point. We got unexpected benefits from extensive media coverage, boosting sales and necessitating a reprint within only a couple of months of our original printing - be sure to order enough up front - the final product has been in serious demand. We made more than $1,500 from our first printing, and expect even more from the 2nd printing.
Thank you, CookbookFundraiser.com!"

- Cheryl Madden Brown, McKee Elementary School PTA, Oakdale, PA
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"Our Boy Scout troop's Campside Cooking has earned over $2000 so far.  What a great project!" Brandon Clark
"The books look fabulous!  We are already out of copies and need to order a second round for our club.  Thank you for your easy system." Denise Wyer