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How much does it cost to print a fundraising cookbook?

You have a couple options to get your cookbook printed.  We would love to print your cookbook for you!  The minimum print order is only 25 copies (most other printers require at least 100).  The cost of each cookbook depends on how many pages it has.  Most cookbooks average two recipes per page.

We also offer the ability to not have to pay upfront for your cookbook printing by using our Sales Hub system to presell all of your cookbooks online before placing your print order. That way there is no money upfront and your profits are sent to you within two weeks of completing your fundraiser.

To see how much your cookbook will cost printed by us, try our quick calculator!

Another option is to have a local printer print your cookbook for you.  With your paid membership you can download a full high-resolution PDF file of your cookbook.  Take it to your printer and have whatever amount you like printed.  Or you can just print one copy on your computer and put it in a nice 3-ring binder!

Once you have determined you are ready to publish your cookbook, our automatic publishing system will walk you through each step of the printing process from writing a dedication and thanking the contributors, to selecting the size, binding and cover art to make your cookbook something for all to treasure.

How much does becoming the platform cost?

Since you can create and print your own cookbook with our system, we do charge a small software fee.  The printing fee we charge is designed to allow us to maintain the Cookbook Fundraiser database and computers.  The print fee is $149 per year only if you want to print your cookbook elsewhere.  If you print your cookbook with us, you can use the system for free!


Who started Cookbook Fundraiser?

This website was developed by two high school friends who both love cooking and food.  Bill Rice is a father of four and has worked on his family's genealogy for more than two decades.  Over a wonderful summertime family meal on Cape Cod in 2004, Bill and some of his family decided to create a family cookbook.  Bill turned to his longtime friend and programming expert Chip Lowell to develop a simple website to facilitate the project.  The site was such a hit with Bill's family, the two decided to offer it access to other families and groups looking for an opportunity to create a great fundraiser.


Why is there only one editor?

You know the adage "too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the soup!" well we agree.  Each fund raising cookbook needs a strong leader within the group to get the project started and keep it going. The system is designed to give your fundraising committee increased access to editing functions to give you a hand, but at the end of the day, the editor is in charge of the account.


How can I get others in my group to participate?

CookbookFundraiser.com has designed a tool to contact your group members and remind them to add their recipes.  There are also other tools to ask for specific beloved or hard to find recipes. Each project gets its own website page accessible only to other group participants.

If you choose to create a Sales Hub for your fundraiser, you can upload a list of your group members and have them receive regular reminders to participate. They also receive a personal website that they can send to their friends and families to gain supporters. Peer-to-Peer fundraising is an extremely effective way to raise money.


yummyWhat if someone is not online or have a computer?

Everyone can participate in your cookbook, only some people need more help than others.  For people who do not have access to -- or the inclination to use -- a computer, you might have group members help by entering the recipes for them.  The recipe entry form allows the contributor to give appropriate credit.



Can I print the recipes on my computer printer?

Each recipe can be viewed online, emailed and printed individually on your home computer. Additionally, you can print the entire collection in a single file for a nominal membership fee of just $149.


Do you edit my cookbook for me?

No.  The Editor of your cookbook and any committee members are responsible for editing the cookbook. The Editor approves all final text prior to going to press.



Can other people see our group's recipes?

Each cookbook is available to only those the Editor has invited to participate.  In addition, each person who enters a recipe has the opportunity to make it private.  This means it will not be shared with anyone outside of the group.  We hope to offer some of the most interesting non-private recipes that can be shared in our monthly newsletter or in a Best of Great Family Cookbook Project Cookbook. 


What happens if I do not renew my membership do I lose all of our cookbook recipes?

Cookbook Fundraiser was developed to be an online resource for your group as well as a way to create a professionally crafted fundraising cookbook.  At the end of the subscription period, if you or any other member of your group chooses not to renew, your information will remain in our database, but you will not have access to it.


What if the site shuts down after everything has been entered?

We have designed this project to be self-supporting and for more than 20 years have continued to improve our system. In the event that we are unable to continue to manage this site, we will provide both a file that can be printed and the cookbook data in spreadsheet form.


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Can our cookbook be available for sale?

One of the options when you place your print order is to request a Marketing Kit which includes an ISBN number and bar code. This will allow your new cookbook to be made available to bookstores such as Barnes & Nobel as well as online on Amazon.com.  We will also enter your cookbook into the “Books in Print database and have it listed on Amazon.com for sale.