How to Create a Cookbook Fundraiser

Step by step instructions on how to get it done!

Creating a successful fundraising cookbook has never been easier. was developed to make the process easy to understand and accomplish.recipe card Here is a step-by-step guide to creating a successful Cookbook Fundraiser:

1) Establish an editor - The editor is the person who is responsible for getting things started and making sure the project moves ahead. This person is also responsible for inviting contributors, deciding what the cookbook will look lie and when to publish.  Every project needs a go-getter like you to get things done.

2) Create a Sales Hub - The dynamic webpage is personalized for your fundraiser and acts as the center point for your online fundraising.

3) Invite Contributors - We provide an easy to use invitation flyer to email and print out to get the ball rolling.  You distribute your common user name and password to everyone in your group and  they enter their recipes directly into the system so you don’t have to!

4) Sell advertising – By adding advertising from local business and individuals, you can more than double your profits on your fundraising cookbook! We offer a tool that makes adding optional local advertising a breeze.

5) Prepare to publish - Our publishing tools will help you write a dedication, select recipe layout, a predesigned cover or upload your own. and choose printing specifications for your cookbook. Our system will automatically create an index and list of contributors so you don’t have to!

6) Sell and enjoy your group’s new fundraiser cookbook – Everyone loves to buy cookbooks to which they have a connection. They make great gifts and will help raise the funds you need to support your organization. Cookbooks bought online can be shipped to your group for distribution or shipped directly to the buyers home making fulfillment a breeze!


Now that you know how simple it is, click here to get started!