How much does it cost to print a fundraising cookbook?

You have a couple options to get your cookbook printed.  We would love to print your cookbook for you!  The minimum print order is only 25 copies (most other printers require at least 100).  The cost of each cookbook depends on how many pages it has.  Most cookbooks average two recipes per page.

We also offer the ability to not have to pay upfront for your cookbook printing by using our Sales Hub system to presell all of your cookbooks online before placing your print order. That way there is no money upfront and your profits are sent to you within two weeks of completing your fundraiser.

For those who want to simply print their group cookbook, use the pricing and profit calculator below:

Order Size

Number of cookbooks to be ordered (Minimum order 25 cookbooks)

Number of recipes to be calculated.*

Photos & Extras

Number of Color photos included (first photo free, others .15 cents per book ea)

Number of B/W photos included FREE!

Recipe & Divider Pages

Select Options you are considering:

Paper Type

Covers & Binding

Cookbook Size

Binding Type

Front and Back Lamination (add $0.50)

Custom Color Cover Option (add $0.50)

Advertising Pages

Selling ads can more than double your profit. They can even pay for your entire printing cost! Choose a number of ad pages sold, choose the full page ad price and see how much revenue you can generate to pay for printing and even more funds raised!

Ad Pages Sold:

Ad Pages Full Page Price:

Ad Revenue: $0

Note: cost of ad pages is included in book price

Cookbook Profit Center


$0 Cost per book

$0 Printing Total

If you get "N/A" then you need a special quote.  Contact us for your quote.

Selling Price per book
Usually 2-3x your cost...
(change to Calculate Profit!)
Calculate Profit!

$0 Profit
$0 Ad Sales Profit
$0 Total Profit!

*Pricing is based on two recipes per page.  If your recipes are longer, there may be an additional charge.  Finished book size 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"

Once you have determined you are ready to publish your cookbook, our automatic publishing system will walk you through each step of the printing process from writing a dedication and thanking the contributors, to selecting the size, binding and cover art to make your cookbook something for all to treasure.