Fundraising Cookbooks are a tried and true way to raise money to help accomplish the goals of your organization! We have used the power of the Internet to help lots of fundraising efforts just like yours to create fun, easy and profitable cookbooks that will practically sell themselves.

What Our Cookbook Editors Say About Cookbook Fundraiser

"Our gross profit in 8 months is $4,200! We've sold 470 cookbooks, have 56 left in inventory, gross profit is $8,312; net $4200. We've never had this much money in our treasury which gives us many opportunities to do the Lord's work. We'll probably need to order some more come September for Christmas sales. I've VERY PROUD of our cookbook and many thanks again for your invaluable help!"
--Donna March, Glendale Christian Church Family and Friends' Recipes

"RECEIVED!! Just wanted to say, I love, love, love it!!! It turned out just beautiful. Overall, I am extremely pleased. Out of the 300 ordered, 200 have been sold, so I'm sure we will need to order more sometime in the future."
--Linda Mallory, Favorite Recipes From WARDELL Party Home

"Ken Burnett once said...
"There are two ‘i’s’ in Fundraising – they should stand for inspiration and innovation, not imitation and irritation" and that's exactly what the family cook fundraiser did for raising money for my sons 8th grade class! It was so easy and everyone was more than happy to share their favorite family recipes! The students also loved seeing their names in school cookbook. Teachers and the administration were competing for the best recipe! Not only did we hit out goal amount, we had some friendly competition in doing so!!."
--Heidi Rice, West Shore Middle School fundraising chair

"Yesterday I was at a 'tea,' and I mentioned the user-friendly software we were using for our church cookbook. One lady said her church group was thinking about doing a cookbook and I had to talk briefly (if that's possible for me) about your software and all the help you've provided. She asked for your website which I emailed her last night. Any person/group wanting to do a cookbook, I will certainly tell them of your user-friendly software."
--Donna March, Glendale Christian Church Family and Friends' Recipes

"Thanks for your great software for the cookbook. We have a small group of internationals from over 31 different countries and it has been fun to provide them with a cook book that celebrates their cultures and our 45th anniversary year of the English as a Second Language ministry. Thank you for providing an easy way to provide a nice cookbook layout for them."
--Mike Pearce, English as a Second Language 45th Anniversery Cookbook
Minister of Missions, First Baptist Church
Huntsville, Alabama

"The cookbooks are absolutely fantastic!! I am so glad I came across your website. The whole process was so easy and the finished product exceeded our expectations."
--Cindee McKie, INDOT Cooks! (Indiana DOT)

"Fantastic! The cookbooks arrived Friday afternoon, and we were able to distribute them at our 125th celebration! Everyone is almost as excited as I was!"
--Betty Turner, Jefferson Presbyterian Church Quasquicentennial Cookbook

"We got the cookbooks from the school office today and they are wonderful!!! I was so excited to see what they turned out like. I must admit that the website was much easier to use than what I thought it would be. Thanks again for being so easy to work with. The parents were thrilled with the books this morning. Some parents actually came back and bought a second round lol!!!"
--Lisa Mills, Carlisle Playschool

"WOW! It is so rare to find someone so helpful and sincere in customer service anymore! You are one of the few. Since I don't know of any national award for outstanding customer service, I am sending you some of my well-known, homemade chocolate chip cookies (my recipe is in our cookbook now!)
     Thank you so much for all your help over the past few days. I will definitely tell everyone I know to check out the Cookbook Fundraiser website. I found it amazingly easy to use, once I overcame my operator error :-) Our church missions committee is going to love it in producing a church cookbook.
     Enjoy the cookies. Sorry there is no trophy for best customer service of the day, but you could walk around with chocolate on your lips all day and tell everyone that you earned the Wilson Customer Service Award - they will be very jealous, I'm sure!"
--Kathy Wilson, Wilson Cookbook

Cookbook Fundraiser note: the cookies were awesome!

"Our Truck To Table cookbook looks fantastic! Excitement is growing as all those who contributed wait for our "Release Party" this weekend. Sales will continue throughout the fall and the holiday season at various events here in Charlotte with our goal of presenting a substantial check in January to the Urban Ministry Center, an interfaith agency serving the homeless in our community.
     "When we started planning for our cookbook, several in our group were reluctant to use an online publishing service for fear that individual assistance would not be available. With your excellent guidance, outstanding support, positive attitude and unending patience, you and your staff have exceeded our expectations.
     "The cookbook committee joins me in thanking you for all that you have done to assist us in reaching our goal. You have been a joy to work with and we look forward to working with you again in the future on volume 2."
--Louise Bonner, Common Grounds Farm Stand, Truck To Table

"Thanks so much for our adoption cookbooks! They look amazing!!! And we are selling them pretty quickly! I wanted to get a quote from you for a reprint. Thanks so much!!"
--Leslie Schell, The Schell Family Adoption Fundraiser

"We have a received our cookbooks and there are a huge success!! Thank you so much!
All the ladies at our church are thrilled."
--Wendy Francis, Recipes to Remember

"The cookbooks arrived yesterday.  They look awesome!  We are already planning our next cookbook!"
--Wendy Jacob, St. C. Singers First Annual Cookbook

"I just received my shipment of the Ear, Nose and Throat Associates of South Florida cookbook and they turned out awesome. Everyone is so pleased with them. We would like to possibly place an additional order as we did not order enough. I knew this was going to happen..."
--Laura Sternberg, Ear, Nose and Throat Associates of South Florida Cookbook

"Well we received our cookbooks on Monday afternoon, and it’s been a flurry of activity ever since. We’re almost sold out already!! We love your product and thank you so much for running such a great website/printing process!"
--Robin Fraser, Cookin' the Books

"Yea!!! They're here, they're here!!  Thank you so much for your great service. The cookbooks came in over a week before I expected them to. The coil bindings are wonderful, no problems with pages binding, they lay flat easily and they allow the pages to fold all the way to the back.  I can't express how much I appreciate that your website was for real (I'm a very apprehensive person when it comes to the internet.) Everything went so good, almost too good to be true.  This was a big job that you made easy because of the software, your customer service and your understanding of a lady who was freaking out over the project."
--Patty Athey, Holden Lutheran Church: Where We Go to Be Fed

"The books look fabulous!  We are already out of copies and need to order a second round for our club.  Thank you for your easy system."
--Denise Wyer, The Chequessett Yacht and Country Club Cookbook

"Thank you so much for your help with my book. I received my order last Friday and they are beautifully done. I am so pleased!"
--Marilyn Locicero, NOW YOU'RE COOKING ---AGAIN!

"The printed project turned out beautifully! Our custom photographs, including the cover, turned out awesome - a real selling point. We got unexpected benefits from extensive media coverage, boosting sales and necessitating a reprint within only a couple of months of our original printing - be sure to order enough up front - the final product has been in serious demand. We made more than $1,500 from our first printing, and expect even more from the 2nd printing.
Thank you,!"
--Cheryl Madden Brown, McKee Elementary School PTA, Oakdale, PA

"I just received my finished cookbooks and they are fabulous! I have already given out several copies and the comments I have received are great. The cookbook is so much nicer than I had expected. I can't thank you enough for this website. It is very user friendly and your service is without question the best I have ever encountered. The ways that you allowed me to personalize the cookbook and keep everything organized was so wonderful. Someone commented that I even went to the work of creating an index--I had to give all that credit it you. I am very proud of this endeavor and will whole-heartedly recommend your website to anyone and everyone."
--Sherry Thompson, Mom's Recipe Box

"The Step by Step Cookbooks, by The STEP Foundation, arrived yesterday. They are beautiful. All the late nights of typing were, indeed, worth it! Everyone to whom I've shown them so far wants to purchase one. I and some friends are hoping to get another cookbook together in the spring, to aid in our fundraising for Relay For Life.
Thank you so much for your help!"
--Name withheld by request

"Just wanted to let you know our cookbooks were received in time to distribute at Thanksgiving. Everyone thought they looked great. Thanks for creating such a great tool for us to use to create our cookbook. And thanks for being so responsive to all my many questions during the process."
--Annette Ahart, 2008 Ahart Family Reunion Cookbook

"You asked for ideas about motivating members to contribute. We played recipe bingo. Recipe #150 was a BINGO and won $50.00. That may be pricey for smaller cookbooks but I think even $10 would get people to keep looking and adding recipes. It really did work for our cookbook. "
--Gayle Villarreal, Editor of A Pinch of This 'N a Pinch of That Recipes.

"I look forward to this project!! What a great concept. I am in Phoenix and in charge of a cookbook in South Dakota. What a great time saver."
--Marla Ringling, Brumbaugh Family Cookbook

"This website is just SO EASY to use and it has been great fun for the whole family."
--Annie L. Cisneros, Joy of the Repast: Favorite Recipes of Family and Friends

"I arrived at my parents last night and the cookbook arrived on the 21st as promised. I am THRILLED!!! I just wanted to say thanks for everything. The cookbook looks great and I am so excited to present it at my family reunion today."
--Name withheld by request

"Thanks again for all your support, guidance and most of all your willingness to go the extra mile so that I received the cookbook in time. You guys should be congratulated on a well done program."
--Karen Sword, The Sword Family Cookbook

"Great program and so easy to use! "
--Marilynn Vannucci, Our Cookbook

"I have to again say, I am so excited about your cookbook program! I have been looking for at about 5 years for software to purchase or use that would allow me to do a project such as this for my own family. Because I use computers on a day to day basis, I know the possibilities, and yet your program is the only one that provides all the opportunities I had in mind. Thank you for making my personal dream come true! I have a very long way to go before I can finish what I have started, but it certainly looks do-able at this point. I told my sister about my project and got her excited as well. She too is seriously considering the same."
--Elaine Dacke

"I have to say that the more I worked with our family recipes on your website, and noticed the "personal notes" - that's when I realized all of our family stories could come into play. It's a wonderful way to document family traditions in the kitchen. The one "down side" if you could even characterize it that way is that many family members, once seeing the cookbook, mentioned to me they didn't really know it was going to be as great as it is. They didn't realize I was looking for each individual's favorite recipes and any stories that go along with it. I guess that's part of the learning curve when taking on a project like that. Many family members want to add more recipes."
--DeeDee Duffy, DiSalvatore Family Cookbook

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