The Process of How to Create a Cookbook Fundraiser

Step by step instructions on how to get it done!

Creating a successful fundraising cookbook has never been easier. was developed to make the process easy to understand and accomplish.recipe card

1)      Establish an editor - The editor is the person who is responsible for getting things started and making sure they keep moving ahead. This person is also responsible for defining the project in terms of who to invite to participate, which recipes to include and when to publish the book.  Every project needs a go-getter to get things done.

2)      Determine who is going to contribute recipes - We have developed an easy to use invitation message flyer to get the ball rolling.  All you need to do is distribute your common user name and password to everyone in your group.  When they login, they type in their name so it goes right on the recipe.

3)      Determine the size of the project and set a deadline - If you are interested in a printed cookbook, you need to set how many recipes to ask for from each person and when you want them submitted by.  We are all busy and tend to put off what we can.  By asking for a specific number of recipes by a specific date, say a month or so in the future, you can get people to act on your request.

4)      Get started - Lead by example. Enter your own favorite recipes and use the special request tool to ask for favorites that you don't have yet!  Reminder emails will be sent automatically as the deadline draws near.  If not enough recipes have been added by the deadline you can extend the deadline.

5)      Start using the recipes - All of the recipes are immediately available online on the main Cookbook page.  One great way to show the benefits of the Cookbook Fundraiser is to start using some of the recipes and thanking the people who entered them!

6)      Prepare to publish - Before you can publish your family cookbook, you need to begin the publishing process by freezing the content.  Members can still enter recipes and they will be available online and in future editions, but not for this edition.  The publishing tool will help you write a dedication, select a cover and choose printing specifications for your cookbook.

7)      Order your copies - As editor, you order the books yourself -- and your folks can use our pre-order tool to allow each contributor to tell you how many they'd like.  Most cookbook publishers require you to purchase at least 100 copies of your cookbook, our printer only requires 25 copies to purchased.

To see how much your cookbook will cost, try our easy calculator!

8)      Sell and Enjoy your new personalized cookbook - Give them as gifts, share them with friends, try new family recipes, keep adding to your online collection and be proud of your accomplishment for your group.  You can even sell them through our FREE to members ecommerce website,!

Now that you know how simple it is, click here to get started!