Create a Cancer Fundraising Cookbook

breast cancer fund rasier cookbookIf you or someone you love is battling cancer, it can be an emotionally challenging time as well as financially draining. Medical bills and expenses can pile up quickly and become devastating. It is times like these that true friends can gather together and help manage the financial burden by holding a cancer fundraiser.

Using a personalized cookbook to raise funds not only helps raise needed funds for those in need of medical treatment, but it builds a community of support that helps raise awareness.

The process is surprisingly easy.

Personalized cookbooks are a tried and true way to raise funds for all types of fundraising needs. For years, individuals and established organizations have used personalized cookbooks as a way to bring a community together and raise funds for important projects. They share their community’s family food traditions and at the same time create a lasting reminder of their membership in the community and raise funds for worthy causes.

Using the power of the Internet, we make it easy to make your cookbook fundraiser a success! We show you how step by step.

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Why a Cancer Fundraising Cookbook?


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Create a cancer cookbookCreate a cancer cookbookschool farm cookbook fundraiser

Why Use Cookbook Fundraiser


Create a cancer cookbookHere are a couple of the fundraisers we have helped make a Cancer Fundraising cookbook:
The Keystone Cancer Kickers Cookbook
Cooking for a Cure
Cookin' with Curves 2009 Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation Fundraiser
Jacksonville Medical Center Cookbook
Nationwide Children's Hospital Volunteer Program Cookbook
Cooking to Cure Cancer




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Testimonials About Cookbook Fundraisers

"The Step by Step Cookbooks, by The STEP Foundation, arrived yesterday. They are beautiful. All the late nights of typing were, indeed, worth it! Everyone to whom I've shown them so far wants to purchase one. I and some friends are hoping to get another cookbook together in the spring, to aid in our fundraising for Relay For Life. Thank you so much for your help!"
--Name withheld by request

"LOVE LOVE LOVE OUR BOOK! Deliveries started last night once I posted on FB . . .had folks coming over . . .but mostly it was my sweet husband who said "I am SO proud of you!" that made my night . . .you and your co-workers did an AWESOME job . . .it is so much nicer than I had even hoped . . .Thank you Thank you Thank you!! What a professional team you have there."
--Cheryl Doublin, Four Sisters, A Legacy of Love from our Kitchens